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At a Glance:

Grade Level:


Time Required:

45 min



Tech Skills:

Word Processing:

  • Line Spacing 
  • Date (auto fill)
  • Title
  • Center
  • Insert Shapes

Curriculum Connection:

Language Arts


Students will learn how to write a shape poem.  A shape poem is a poem written about an object that is written in the shape of that object.  Students will do this on the computer using a word processing application.  They will learn how to change the line spacing, use the auto fill date feature, add a title, center align text, and insert shapes.

Here are some examples of Shape Poems that we found on the Internet:

Heart Shape Poem


Trees Shape Poem

John Hollanders, Swan and Shadow

Planning Ahead




  • Try creating a shape poem of your own and familiarize yourself with the word processing features.

Instructional Plan

  • Introduce the activity.
  • Walk the students through a simple example like Star Light, Star Bright.
  • Then have them create their own.


This is based on the Star Light, Star Bright example.

Step 1:  Start the word processing application.  Double click on the Microsoft Word icon MS Word Icon

Step 2:  Have the students type their name then press <enter>

Step 3:  Have them start typing the date.  Have them notice that the auto fill feature occurs when they finish the month and type <space>.  Have the students press <enter> to insert the date.  Then press <enter> again.


Auto Insert Date

Step 4:  Have the students change the line spacing to '1.0' located on the paragraph menu.

Change Line Spacing

Step 5:  Have the students change the alignment to 'center' located on the paragraph menu.  Then have them type the title "Star Light, Star Bright" and then press <enter><enter><enter><enter>

Align Center

Step 6:  Have the students highlight the title.  There are multiple ways to do this:

  • Triple left mouse click on the title
  • Click on the left mouse button and drag it across the title
  • Move the cursor to the left margin until it turns into an arrow and then click on the left mouse button to select the line directly to the right of the cursor.

Step 7:  Select the style type 'Title'.

Style Title

Step 8:  Press the down arrow key four times.

Step 9:  Have the students type S<enter>T<enter>A<enter>R<enter>LIGHT<enter>....  until the poem is complete.

Step 10:  Then have the students insert shapes to enhance the shape poem.  To insert shape, select the 'Insert tab' and then click on the 'Shapes menu' and select a shape. 


Select Shape

Step 11:  Now have the students delete what they've done and create their own Shape Poem. 

Step 12: When complete, have the students save the file to their personal folder.  Additionally, you can have them print a copy of their poem. 


Use the following Rubric to assess the student's work:


1 point

2 points 

3 points

Did they enter the date

Did not enter the date


Entered date properly

Change Line Spacing

Was not able to change line spacing


Changed line spacing properly

Change Alignment

 Was not able to change alignment


Was able to change alignment

Change Style Title

 Was unable to change Title Style


 Was able to change Title Style

Enter Shapes

 Was unable to enter shapes


 Was able to enter shapes

Save File

 Did not save file to personal directory


 Saved file to personal directory

Shape PoemWas unable to create a shape poem of their own

Started, but didn't finish their own shape poem

Finished their own shape poem 

Additional Resources

A simpler version of a shape poem which is suitable for younger students can be found at Read Write Think.

And here's a Microsoft Powerpoint shape poem lesson plan.

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